Digital Signage System

Box “MBS” (Media Broadcast System) for the centralized real-time management of a whole set of screens. Specially designed for dynamic display, this Box makes it possible to create a network of display system and to diffuse contents (image, video, presentation, website …) in all simplicity on any type of existing display system. Analysis and development: […]

Luxury laptop

Exceptional computer in high-end materials. PC motherboard design: Intel Core i7 Processor (Intel) – 8GRam SSD 160 GB LCD 13 “” Full HD Audio, USB 3.0, HDMI, Ethernet BT, WiFi Keyboard, Battery, … Cooling by Caloduc BIOS BMS SMBUS Power Controller and Battery Interface

Connected intelligent Fork

In the series of connected objects, the “quantify yourself” and the search for well-being by health. This intelligent range offers a solution for many current diseases directly related to over-nutrition. So this connected fork helps you take control of your diet by gathering information about your eating behavior: light vibrations and light signals alert you […]

Education slate : slate / server

The system: The system: This is a complete solution dedicated to the world of education and especially to the learning of writing. The system consists of digital slates, a recharging station that integrates a server, the teacher’s PC and a set of applications specifically designed for teachers. The slate and the stations communicate by WIFI. […]

Luxury desktop

Exceptional computer: robust, guaranteed for life, in high-end materials. Design of the motherboard and the Battery Managment System (BMS) card: Study and Schema Integration COM Express Ivy Bridge core i7 (Intel) – 8GRam Mechanical integration: enclosure and motherboard compliance routing Stress testing Firmware: Power Management Thermal safety management Lowpower mode Windows ACPI interfacing Battery Interfacing

Telematic Control Unit - preview

Telematic Control Unit

Vehicle embedded systems with GPS and GSM / 3G connection. Technical characteristics: ARM GSM-GPRS / 3G Connections WiFi, RfID, BT CAN Bus, LIN USB, audio, RDS Accelerometer, chrono-tachograph Embedded LINUX   Some examples: Professional market system for navigation, location, Fleet Management, Tolling, CrashBox and Infotainment applications.

Electronic Label ePaper

EPaper – Display based on a bistable screen for very low power consumption. This type of display, based on LCD technology BiNem (Bistable Nematic), finds applications in many areas: electronic ethics, point-of-sale terminals, e-newspapers, e-magazines, electronic toys …

Microserveur WIFI

USB key for dynamic display embedding a micro wifi server. Once connected to a device, this key provides a wireless connection to allow multiple devices to access its contents simultaneously. The key is specially dedicated to dynamic display and makes your broadcast media equipped with a USB port controllable via WiFi. Features: USB flash drive […]