Education slate : slate / server

Solution éducative - le systèmeThe system: The system: This is a complete solution dedicated to the world of education and especially to the learning of writing.
The system consists of digital slates, a recharging station that integrates a server, the teacher’s PC and a set of applications specifically designed for teachers. The slate and the stations communicate by WIFI.
tunnelCreek 1tablette - perspective

Specific tablet – dedicated to teaching and learning writing – integrated into a complete client / server system

  • Tablets based on INTEL ATOM E6x processor + ergonomic stylus
  • 10.1 ” screen, touch screen and palm rejection
  • Audio HDA
  • USB, WiFi
  • Battery operation
  • Tablet Communication with PC Teacher and Server in WiFi
  • Tablets running on LINUX



Station rechargement

Charging stations:

  • 30/15 or 6 tablet recharging and transport station
  • Integrated RAID server, UPS, WiFi access point
  • Secure Ethernet Connection





Applications educatives


  •  Creating Tools for Teachers





More informations : la-nouvelle-france-industrielle (pages 54-55)

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