Switch Ethernet pour maintenance en environnement sévère - preview

Ethernet switch for severe environment maintenance

Central monitoring unit for high-voltage power supplies in the electrical distribution network. Ultra-strict environment. Main duties: Dual galvanically isolated high voltage 2.5kV Ethernet link for high-speed local communications Interface for modem card for communication and remote control 2.5kV opto-isolated RS485 communication link for communication with other electrical equipment Technical details: Microcontroller ATMEL AT91SAM9G20 256MB NAND […]

Intelligent Ceiling Lamp for Home Support

LED ceiling light automatically turns on depending on the light drop in a room and the presence of a person. Main duties: Lighting IR motion sensor Light sensor Power supply 230V AC Technical details: Automatic lighting according to the light drop in a room, and presence of a person Brightness measurement and analysis for triggering […]

Badge biométrique - preview

E-CALL biometric badge

Communication platform for secure payment or population census … Technology for the inviolable authentication of persons participating in a telephone conversation by the use of a nomadic biometric sensor. This solution and the associated computer treatments render the operations falsifiable. Composed of a badge (biometric), a terminal and an application software that ensure this authentication […]

Home Support Platform

Monitoring device for home care of elderly people / Tele-assistance. Device consisting of a central housing and sensors distributed in the housing. Main duties: Voice recognition by keyword detection Monitoring of sensors via a network of several modules Voice Helper Man-machine configuration interface Triggering of remote door gates Multi-language system Embedded system software remote update […]