GOOBIE proposes a Global Offering of Services for the development of solutions and electronic products for both, professional and consumer market: from design to manufacturing.


  • Convert technology into a real product … design to cost orienrted
  • Enable our customers to focus on their core business and to faster time to market
  • Mastering Innovation ( “ref . Design” )
  • Promote an industrial approach
  • Reduce the risk between the design (prototypes) and mass production : critical phase of industrialization


Our commitment is global & lump sum:

  • Providing a complete set of services (design, prototyping, testing, certification, industrialization …)
  • Mastery of a network of technology and industrial partners
  • Sole responsibility


  • Favor an innovative approach in high- tech fields with high added value
  • Provide a Global Offering: from design to manufacturing
  • Commitment lump sum from the beginning of the project
  • Design to cost approach
  • Maintain a network of technology, industry and academia partners
  • R & D through collaborative actions with other firms (innovation funded projects)