GOOBIE joins the Space Priority Program of Kineis, the french sattelite operator and global connectivity provider
  GOOBIE joins CCI, chamber of commerce and industry, 1st business accelerator
  GOOBIE joins FrenchTech, a unique ecosystem that brings together start-ups but also investors, decision-makers and community builders
  GOOBIE joins ST partner program
  GOOBIE joins HardWare France, the association of French manufacturers of electronic/digital products
  GOOBIE joins Linkinnov, the social netword dedicated to innovation
  GOOBIE joins France Innovation, a professional association that brings together  private reserch and technlogical development providers, companies offering innovative products, processes or services and innovation consulting and support players
Snese   GOOBIE joins Snese
FactoryLab   GOOBIE integrated the FactoryLab
sigfox   GOOBIE joins Sigfox
  GOOBIE joins the LoRa Alliance
  GOOBIE joins ‘pôle de compétitivité’ SYSTEM@TIC (groupe thématique TELECOM)
Captronic   GOOBIE participated in CAP’TRONIC aid to technological innovation
  GOOBIE joins Comité Richelieu Development of innovative SMEs (PACTEPME)
  GOOBIE is partner of Inovel Parc, works closely with the Economic Development Service of Vélizy-Villacoublay,
  Grand Paris Seine Oust (GPSO) as well as the main economic actors in the region.
  GOOBIE is partner of ‘club PME’ Vel’EASY