Connected haptic device: The HAPNESS project aims to explore the use of vibrotactile communication between dog handlers and their dogs for doubt removal activities.  In doubt removal, the dog ensures the safety of the intervention team through prior exploration of the environment. The canine brigades intervene in the field of state security, particularly during large-scale […]


Haptic device connected for industry 4.0, allowing to transmit messages to an operator in the factory of the future: FactoryLab. Description of a haptic message: Instructions in Vibrating Language Visual information Technical specifications: BlueTooth Low Energy 4.1 MemoryLCD color display 128 x 128 pixels Battery 660mAh – Battery life of 8h Nordic Processor nRF52840 (CortexM4f) […]

Musicaa - preview


The purpose of the MusicAA project is to establish the proof of concept and to evaluate the economic potential of a new legal music model, consisting in the implementation of a function “on the fly” Music (but also other cultural goods: audio books, concert places, etc.) directly from the receivers called to be deployed in […]


Pedestrian navigation by haptic system. On the move, the visual and auditory space is overloaded with information. With TICTtact, you can view your navigation information via touch, thanks to its tactile interface. The product consists of a case and a bracelet. The user holds the case by hand and receives the directions to follow via […]