The purpose of the MusicAA project is to establish the proof of concept and to evaluate the economic potential of a new legal music model, consisting in the implementation of a function “on the fly” Music (but also other cultural goods: audio books, concert places, etc.) directly from the receivers called to be deployed in the framework of the development of pay radio in France and in Europe.
The project is supported by the CDC.

Main project milestones:

The project is structured around 2 main subprojects:

  • Technological developments necessary for the safe publishing, broadcasting and reception of subtitled radio services allowing the implementation of the « on the fly » purchasing function. The development of the prototype receiver will require both the development of the software to implement the envisaged “service layer” which includes several components (content security and access control, interactivity and alteractivity of programs, reading of associated data services And of course, on-the-fly buying function), and its electronic integration. The various components of the “service layer” mentioned above will also be implemented within a service publishing platform. Several major milestones in the development of the project will be materialized by the validation of the transmission-reception chain at each important stage of development of the prototype receiver (UMPC version of the service layer, then validation of its portage on an electronic model) before its experimental version (Pre-live transmission-reception conditions).
  • The implementation of an experimentation for use with ß-testers (some of whom are deaf or hard of hearing), who will thus be able to test the ergonomics of a « pilot » radio service and the purchasing function from the platform And prototype receivers developed. The point of articulation will be the launch of the experimentation campaign, which will require prior validation of the publishing platform and of the prototype receivers necessary for its implementation and to be developed. The experimental phase will be characterized by two major milestones:
    • The validation of the editorial project relating to the edition of the “pilot” radio to support the experimentation of the on-the-fly purchasing function,
    • The rendering of a synthesis on the experimentation with the ß-testers (ergonomics of the function of purchase on the fly and subtitling).

Technical description :


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