Digital control for scientific power supply

Study of the numerical control for the control of a scientific feed of very high precision and the monitoring of information.

Highlights of the diet:

  • Ultra high precision power supply
  • Very high temporal stability
  • Very low noise level
  • Emission of negligible disturbances

These technical performances make it possible to use these power supplies in scientific applications (metrology in particular).




The expected qualities of this interface are as follows:

  • Control the power supply by maintaining the outstanding performance of analog power supplies in the field of resolution and stability
  • Driving a power system in a simple way, from a single computer address
  • Accepting modern communication protocols, while retaining the possibility of keeping old buses that some users still use (IEEE for example)

The general architecture integrates varied and modern interfaces of digital communications (buses, networks, wired and wireless connections, etc…), as well as specific human-machine communications interfaces such as touch screens, tablets, Smartphones, Internet access, etc…

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