Smart transportation – Connected vehicles (V2X / ITS-G5)

Smart transportation – Connected vehicles (V2X / ITS-G5) The UBR – UEV electronic board allows data to be exchanged between V2X vehicles (ITS-G5, C-V2X (PC5)) with infrastructure communication networks, Wi-Fi, Ethernet. It also has a cellular communication interface (4G/5G), a CAN interface to upload information from the vehicle and to exchange with the vehicle. This […]

Pet Tracker

Pet Tracker Tracker – Geolocation system for pets Technical specifications: GNSS Tracker for Small Animals Cellular communication GPRS, LTE, NB-IoT Quectel BG600 – BG77 and L76 Wi-Fi, BLE ESP32 Battery CE compliant  

2G communication module for medical device

2G communication module for medical device 2G communication module for medical device. Add-on for a medical device for the treatment of sleep apnea. Technical specifications: 2G GSM modem management microcontroller  

Multimode beacon

Description: Multimode beacon for locating / tracking a fleet of boats. Multimode for coastal area and Satellite for marine area. Technical specifications: Numerous radio interfaces: GSM 3G / 4G QUECTEL, Bluetooth, LoRa, SIGFOX, NFC, ARGOS and IRIDIUM satellite links Custom satellite antenna Sensors Solar panels and battery Strong constraints: mechanical, IP67 sealing, etc. Ruggedised product […]

Smart Dispatcher

Smart Dispatcher The Dispatcher is a box intended to be installed in a taxi, allowing the connection between the various on-board equipment: Tablet, TPE, Taximeter, etc. The dispatcher also connects the taxi to the operator’s management platform. Technical specifications : Process iMX28 Ethernet 10/100 WIFI, BT USB, GPIO Automotive power supply Linux

Assistant for the cohesion of a group

Group cohesion electronic box for tourism and leisure. Provides serenity and fluidity to group activities. It provides innovative and effective solutions to the problems of group travel. Some links: Groupeer Technologies le teaser (youtube)

Grains – counting vehicles for parking

What is it? It is a system of wireless and autonomous sensors (grains) which allows to locate in real time the parking places free to guide the motorists towards it. Concretely, sensors of reinforced plastic are placed on the ground at the parking places and will detect the presence of a vehicle or not thanks […]


LAN-IP / RTC router for SOHO / TPE. Processor INTEL IXP423 xSCALE ARM @ 266MHz SDRAM, FLASH, FXO / FXS Ethernet, USB Linux + TCP / IP ISDN Version: S0 / T0 – E1