Smart transportation – Connected vehicles (V2X / ITS-G5)

Smart transportation – Connected vehicles (V2X / ITS-G5) The UBR – UEV electronic board allows data to be exchanged between V2X vehicles (ITS-G5, C-V2X (PC5)) with infrastructure communication networks, Wi-Fi, Ethernet. It also has a cellular communication interface (4G/5G), a CAN interface to upload information from the vehicle and to exchange with the vehicle. This […]

Industrial Machine – Steam Cleaning

Industrial Machine – Steam Cleaning Set of Boards for Industrial Steam Cleaning Machine. Technical specifications: CPU card: STM32, 4G QUECTEL, I/Os Power board: Control of motors, pumps, boilers, sensor levels, etc. LED board  

Z-Wave Thermometer

Z-Wave Thermometer Sensor for detecting the presence of a person approaching the product, measuring the distance of the person, measuring their body temperature, and transmitting the corresponding information to a gateway. It is used to control, for example, access to premises within places hosting the public (hotel rooms, offices, etc.). Sensor Features: Analysis of the […]

Pet Tracker

Pet Tracker Tracker – Geolocation system for pets Technical specifications: GNSS Tracker for Small Animals Cellular communication GPRS, LTE, NB-IoT Quectel BG600 – BG77 and L76 Wi-Fi, BLE ESP32 Battery CE compliant  

Smart Energy Gas (ERG)

Smart Energy Gas The Smart Energy Gas product is part of a complete system allowing the remote and real-time collection of gas consumption information. This information is transmitted to a central server via an 868 MHz radio interface. Technical specifications: Battery life 5 years Wireless range: 300m 868MHz proprietary protocol AES-128 encryption Radio interface based […]

2G communication module for medical device

2G communication module for medical device 2G communication module for medical device. Add-on for a medical device for the treatment of sleep apnea. Technical specifications: 2G GSM modem management microcontroller  

Gateway for energy consumption management

Gateway allowing communication with the specific platform of a load shedding operator and various sensors and domestic accessories. Technical specifications: Wallbox /DIN or main plug ZigBee WIFI 4G BLE Linux Electrical Safety complient  

Autonomous Smart Trackers

Complete system: Smart tracker, collection server, administration server, Android application. Technical specifications: GPS / Galileo 4G / LTE-M+ 2G GPRS – QUECTEL BG95 BLE 5.2 Temperature sensors, movements Battery powered/ long autonomy IP69 Ruggedised product: temperature -35°C / +75°C, vibrations and shocks   Product notice CE notice