MPOS payment in mobile mode

Mobile Solution Point of Sale. Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) is a new and innovative service whose principle is to add a small card reader to the merchant’s smartphone. Description: Encryption Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Security related to the domain of payment activity Technical specifications: Crypto processor TFT screen 320 x 240 Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth, NFC […]

Air quality

Air pollution analyzer connected. Sensor with a mobile application that alerts you when the fine particulate matter, VOC or CO2 exceeds the recommended levels. Some links: Cet objet connecté vous fera prendre conscience de la qualité de votre air (18h39)

Connected call button

New service for sending mail and parcels. Technical specifications: SigFox Communication Blutooth Low Energy Button Led Buzzer Power supply 2 AAA batteries More information: Domino : le bouton connecté made in La Poste (journal du geek)

SIGFOX reference design for M2M and IoT applications

As part of its expertise in IoT, GOOBIE is presenting a “reference design” for many uses and B2B and B2C markets. This “reference design” SIGFOX has already won over large contractors. It is a small size box that can be used as a call button, “tracker” or for measurement for example. The electronic card includes […]

Assistant for the cohesion of a group

Group cohesion electronic box for tourism and leisure. Provides serenity and fluidity to group activities. It provides innovative and effective solutions to the problems of group travel. Some links: Groupeer Technologies le teaser (youtube)

Personal assistant connected to driving

Connected housing for better driving. Intended for the general public it is able to interpret and render in an intelligible form the characteristics of the motor of a car. It allows access to the mechanical data generated by the engine of his vehicle to consult them directly on his smartphone. Like the trackers and other […]

LoRa reference design for M2M or IoT

As part of its IoT expertise, GOOBIE has just joined the LoRa Alliance. GOOBIE today presents a « reference design » for many uses and markets B2B and B2C. This « reference design » LoRa has already seduced major customers in energy and transport. It is a small size box that can be used for metering or as a […]