Massage gloves connected

The electronic box fits into a massage glove that communicates the information of two Hall effect sensors to the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This makes it possible to monitor the duration of the massage, as well as the pressure exerted. Technical specifications: Li-polymer battery 300mA Bluetooth Low Energy with OTA update Hall Effect Sensors IPx7 […]

SIGFOX reference design for M2M and IoT applications

As part of its expertise in IoT, GOOBIE is presenting a “reference design” for many uses and B2B and B2C markets. This “reference design” SIGFOX has already won over large contractors. It is a small size box that can be used as a call button, “tracker” or for measurement for example. The electronic card includes […]

Pet Tracker

Geolocation system for domestic animals. Description: A complete system consisting of: An ultra-light collar (connected object), which sends the GPS coordinates of the animal via LoRa link. A web platform, for managing users and collecting geolocation information. A mobile app (Android and iOS) for the master, which allows him to view his animals on a […]

Smart energie

The Smart energie product is part of a comprehensive system for remote and real time collection of information on consumption (water, gas, electricity) and temperature. This information is transmitted to a central server via an 868 MHz W-MBUS interface. Avantages: Universality: a single product for all the counters of the national market. Compatible with ATEX, […]

Bottle Holder with Selfie

Bottle holder used in bars and discotheques to liven up evenings. This device allows the client to take selfies and share them on social networks. It also allows to produce lights on the bottle, triggered remotely by the DJ who animates the evening. Technical specifications: Camera 110 ° 720p JPEG – OV5640 with MIPI interface […]

Air quality

Air pollution analyzer connected. Sensor with a mobile application that alerts you when the fine particulate matter, VOC or CO2 exceeds the recommended levels. Some links: Cet objet connecté vous fera prendre conscience de la qualité de votre air (18h39)

Connected call button

New service for sending mail and parcels. Technical specifications: SigFox Communication Blutooth Low Energy Button Led Buzzer Power supply 2 AAA batteries More information: Domino : le bouton connecté made in La Poste (journal du geek)

Connected Objects for Cars

Screen offset of the application of a Smartphone: display of information related to driving (speed, limitation, etc.), navigation, … Description: Connects to a phone Brightness sensor to adapt to light intensity Help Interface limited to 3 buttons + voice control Technical specifications: GPS Wifi and BLE Accelerometer and gyroscope Color Touch Screen 1200mAh lithium polymer […]