Telematic Control Unit - preview

Telematic Control Unit

Vehicle embedded systems with GPS and GSM / 3G connection. Technical characteristics: ARM GSM-GPRS / 3G Connections WiFi, RfID, BT CAN Bus, LIN USB, audio, RDS Accelerometer, chrono-tachograph Embedded LINUX   Some examples: Professional market system for navigation, location, Fleet Management, Tolling, CrashBox and Infotainment applications.

Interactive game board

The main idea is: To move the pawns on a real plateau and not on a screen with a mouse To play against a networked opponent Technical description: The board has 12 light boxes on which you place and move specific pieces and figurines The board incorporates an electronic board with 12 RFID antennas (1 […]

Geolocalizer – GPS receiver for camera

Geolocalizer – A GPS receiver for a camera that fits any type of camera with a ‘Hot-shoe’ connector. Advantages: Records a GPS position each time you take a picture, within 0.2 seconds Allows you to locate the photo directly (precise address and map position) Expert system for indoor use Technical details: Stores 1000 to 8000 […]

PAD metrologie - preview

Remote weather station

Technical characteristics: Processor TI CC1110 Specific LCD Display IST3042 320 Segments 1/2 duty ISM 868 MHz, TIC counter connection, USB WMBUS

Grains – counting vehicles for parking

What is it? It is a system of wireless and autonomous sensors (grains) which allows to locate in real time the parking places free to guide the motorists towards it. Concretely, sensors of reinforced plastic are placed on the ground at the parking places and will detect the presence of a vehicle or not thanks […]


LAN-IP / RTC router for SOHO / TPE. Processor INTEL IXP423 xSCALE ARM @ 266MHz SDRAM, FLASH, FXO / FXS Ethernet, USB Linux + TCP / IP ISDN Version: S0 / T0 – E1

Superviseur réseaux radio

Radio Network Supervisor

Espionage and recording of received radio frames and transmission of information over Ethernet network. Technical details: Specific radio receiver module 10/100 Mbit Ethernet Interface Operating Temperature Range: 0 / + 70 ° C

Digital Photo Frame

Technical characteristics: 800 × 600 color LCD screen (SVGA) Marvell Xscale PXA270 416 MHz Microcontroller 32 MB NAND flash memory 32 MB of 133 MHz SDRAM memory RTC Modem V90 USB 2.0 full speed port SDCard / MMC / MS memory reader 1300 mA rechargeable internal battery Motion detector (option) Light sensor Buzzer Operating Temperature […]