Universal nomadic programmer

Universal nomadic programmer intended for the maintenance of various consumer equipments (household appliances) Advantages: Able to program more than 50 different microcontrollers in 5 different manufacturers Technical details: Microcontroller ATMEL AT91SAM9G20 256MB NAND Flash Memory 64MB of SDRAM memory Bluetooth Module SDCARD Memory Card Connector Ethernet interface USB Host Interface Interface for LCD display Analogue […]

Tablet for medical applications

Specific tablet for use in laboratory environment of analyzes, at home, … Avantages: Compact and powerful product with camera for remote document scanning or medical prescription + sample barcode reading Nomadic and hardened product Connection to medical samples and samples Technical characteristics: Freescale i.MX6 Microcontroller 1GB DDR3 RAM memory 32GB NAND flash memory Screen 10.1 […]

Car Sharing

M2M telematic box for rental vehicles GPS / GPRS telematics platform – WiFi / Bluetooth / RDS / RFID / CAN. Avantages: Compact and powerful, communicating on 8 different radio bands (WIFI / BT / FM-RDS / GPS / GMS / GPRS / UMTS / ZIGBEE) Wifi access point for Internet connection in a rental […]

Power consumption range display

Shows the user the time and whether it is in the period of full or hollow hours. Advantages: Custom LCD-specific display Stand-alone product, operating on a button cell Simple human-machine interface with 3 buttons Technical details: Microcontroller ST STM8 HMI interface with 3 buttons and LCD display Operating autonomy in the range of 3 to […]

cpe - wimax


Public telecommunications equipment intended to provide wireless access to the Internet. This multi-modem platform, communicates via WiMAX and Wi-Fi radio links. Allows: Internet access via the WiMAX network Local service in Wi-Fi and Ethernet Features: Configuring and customizing the environment with RfID User interface developed for the equipment for direct access to services (mails, weather, […]

Medical device for transcutaneous vascular therapy

Innovative system for the treatment of various pathologies. This unit delivers, by means of electrodes applied to the skin of the patient, a particular stimulus of very low intensity which acts directly on the vessels (and the venous system in particular). System especially used in pre-operative phase or for physical preparation. Advantages: Space-saving and simple […]

Intelligent Ceiling Lamp for Home Support

LED ceiling light automatically turns on depending on the light drop in a room and the presence of a person. Main duties: Lighting IR motion sensor Light sensor Power supply 230V AC Technical details: Automatic lighting according to the light drop in a room, and presence of a person Brightness measurement and analysis for triggering […]

Badge biométrique - preview

E-CALL biometric badge

Communication platform for secure payment or population census … Technology for the inviolable authentication of persons participating in a telephone conversation by the use of a nomadic biometric sensor. This solution and the associated computer treatments render the operations falsifiable. Composed of a badge (biometric), a terminal and an application software that ensure this authentication […]