Portable Multimedia Player

Features: Movie Player and TV capture Camera capture Music Player et recorder Photo Viewer Mass storage device USB, SD DVB-H viewer Technical characteristics: Processeur FREESCALE Freescale iMX31 530 MHz ARM11 128 MB DDR 400 SDRAM, 64 MB Flash 3.5″ 320×240 16-bit color LCD 60 GB 2.5″ HDD 1.8″ Interface Analog video in/out interface Stereo headphone […]

Personal Video Recorder hardened

The portable recording and playback of audio / video / images. Features: Image and data processing Handle application Camera Capture Acquisition DV Encodeur MPEG2 PVR Technical characteristics: Technologie Nexperia PNX1500HD 720p, 1080i Interface Analogue video in/out interface Stereo headphone output Analog audio in/out put interface USB 2.0 OTG high speed / USB 2.0 device high […]

Dongle USB FM

Wireless FM / RDS Band Transmitter: wirelessly transmits music from a PC (MP3, WAV) to a HIFI FM tuner. Advantages: Easy and fast installation of the USB key without any driver installation Long transmission range without loss of audio quality Technical details: Works as a radio transmitter in the FM / RDS radio band from […]

Housing remote monitoring automation

Portable terminal (PAD) with its communicating base (BASE). This system allows the entire family to communicate via email, RSS and voice messages with unmatched simplicity, without PC. The PAD communicates directly with a base connected to the Internet by the X10 protocol. PAD Benefits: Simple and shared as a domestic and instant phone as a […]

PLC Box Automation

IoT Server / Sensor sensor for optimizing energy consumption. Technical details: Processor FREESCALE ARM9 i.MX25 GPRS / 3G RFiD Ethernet, USB, CAN, TIC counter connection, 1 Wire, … CPL Echelon Relay control via an I2C interface DIN format

Connected intelligent Fork

In the series of connected objects, the “quantify yourself” and the search for well-being by health. This intelligent range offers a solution for many current diseases directly related to over-nutrition. So this connected fork helps you take control of your diet by gathering information about your eating behavior: light vibrations and light signals alert you […]

Education slate : slate / server

The system: The system: This is a complete solution dedicated to the world of education and especially to the learning of writing. The system consists of digital slates, a recharging station that integrates a server, the teacher’s PC and a set of applications specifically designed for teachers. The slate and the stations communicate by WIFI. […]

Telecare services

Innovative electronic system for home tele-assistance for dependent persons, the elderly or the disabled. System consisting of a remote assistance box (BTA) and sensors distributed in the house. Features: It allows the transmission of information from wireless sensors located in the user’s home to a central monitoring station Freescale i.MX28 Processor Radio communication type ISM […]