Research and Development

R & D, as well as the implementation of a network of technology partners, is a key factor in the Global Offering of  GOOBIE focused on innovation.

Our participation in collaborative projects and exchanges within the scientific community allows us to access the earliest possible innovative technologies.

The choice of the most promising technology, accessibility and suitability to a given market in a given period of time is a strategic factor that we take into account every day and allowing us to be as relevant as possible when the time comes. Thus, we are all the more relevant as we can demonstrate know-how from our R & D hence the vital need to develop upstream.

Steps of R & D

  • Collaboration with technology providers and academic laboratories
  • Upstream study, Proof of Concept
  • Hi-Tech technological development bricks
  • Platforms and reference design, demonstrators, mock-up, prototypes
  • Collaborative Projects


The examples below provide an overview of recent collaborative projects in which GOOBIE participated: