Massage gloves connected

The electronic box fits into a massage glove that communicates the information of two Hall effect sensors to the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This makes it possible to monitor the duration of the massage, as well as the pressure exerted. Technical specifications: Li-polymer battery 300mA Bluetooth Low Energy with OTA update Hall Effect Sensors IPx7 […]


Device for locating persons or objects. The device is in the form of a small electronic package associated with objects. It ensures the geolocation of the object through for example outdoor GPS technology, and LoRa technology inside. Description: Wireless Communication Bluetooth Low Energy with Smartphone GPS for outdoor geolocation LoRa receiver also allowing geolocation in […]

SIGFOX reference design for M2M and IoT applications

As part of its expertise in IoT, GOOBIE is presenting a “reference design” for many uses and B2B and B2C markets. This “reference design” SIGFOX has already won over large contractors. It is a small size box that can be used as a call button, “tracker” or for measurement for example. The electronic card includes […]

Connected butler

Intelligent intercom that allows visitors to announce themselves and request access to the building It allows you to control access to your home from anywhere and anytime via your smartphone. Technical specifications: 720p Camera E-paper screen BlueTooth Low Energy 4.1 for communication with the smartphone Wireless ARM9 / Android processor Accelerometer, IR motion detection Microphone, […]

Assistant for the cohesion of a group

Group cohesion electronic box for tourism and leisure. Provides serenity and fluidity to group activities. It provides innovative and effective solutions to the problems of group travel. Some links: Groupeer Technologies le teaser (youtube)

Personal assistant connected to driving

Connected housing for better driving. Intended for the general public it is able to interpret and render in an intelligible form the characteristics of the motor of a car. It allows access to the mechanical data generated by the engine of his vehicle to consult them directly on his smartphone. Like the trackers and other […]

Watch connected

Watch connected lora bracelet watch connected for the elderly. The bracelet integrates various sensors and wireless communication functions BlueTooth Low Energy and LoRa It is used to capture information about the behavior and health of users and to pass it on to caregivers and the family. It automatically detects problems (falling, prolonged inactivity, change of […]

Keychain Connected

Keychain connected to a smart-phone: Accessory for ringing and geolocating business from the smartphone or tablet. It finds your keys (or other objects to which it is attached) and your smartphone. Features: Alarm system Sound alarm Load Management Selfie Trigger Technical characteristics: BlueTooth Low Energy 4.0 (BLE) Button cell