Watch connected

Montre connectée ble loraWatch connected lora bracelet watch connected for the elderly.

The bracelet integrates various sensors and wireless communication functions BlueTooth Low Energy and LoRa
It is used to capture information about the behavior and health of users and to pass it on to caregivers and the family.

It automatically detects problems (falling, prolonged inactivity, change of habit, manual alert, …) and warns the relatives or, if necessary, the emergency services (firemen, SAMU).


  • Compact smartwatch product (Pebble, Apple watch …)
  • Integration of the latest technologies in terms of bio-medical sensors (heart rate, temperature, breathing, stress, sleep, activity …)
  • Product nomad, suitable for seniors, large button hardened, graphic display 128 * 128 low consumption
  • Wireless Communication LoRa and Bluetooth Low Energy

Technical characteristics:

  • Microcontroller ST cortex M4
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1
  • LoRa
  • Display 1.27 “128 × 128 pixels low power consumption
  • Battery Operation Lithium Polymer
  • USB charging
  • Medical sensors:
    • Accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer
    • pressure
    • temperature
    • PPG (photoplethysmography system) pulse, oxygenation (SpO2)
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