Digital Signage System

DSS AppliBox “MBS” (Media Broadcast System) for the centralized real-time management of a whole set of screens.
Specially designed for dynamic display, this Box makes it possible to create a network of display system and to diffuse contents (image, video, presentation, website …) in all simplicity on any type of existing display system.

Analysis and development:

  • Analysis and optimization of the electronic board based on a DAVINCI TI processor
  • Development of an MBS machine in an OpenEmbedded environment and a server to remotely update the packages:
    • An OpenEmbedded environment
    • The kernel and the boot loader for the MBS machine
    • Portage of applications in the environment
    • Creation of a server managing the IPK packets in order to update the products remotely (kernel, application, dependencies, new functionalities)
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