Medical device for transcutaneous vascular therapy

Dispositif médical de thérapie veineuseInnovative system for the treatment of various pathologies.
This unit delivers, by means of electrodes applied to the skin of the patient, a particular stimulus of very low intensity which acts directly on the vessels (and the venous system in particular).
System especially used in pre-operative phase or for physical preparation.


  • Space-saving and simple to use
  • Enclosure / Design Compatible with Medical Constraints
  • Capacitive touch interface without mechanical buttons

Technical details:

  • Freescale MC9S12 Microcontroller
  • 32KB of non-volatile RAM
  • Monochrome graphic display 240 × 128 pixels
  • Capacitive touch interface through a glass plate
  • RTC Clock
  • High-voltage analog outputs for electrode stimulation
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 ° / + 70 ° C
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