Interactive game board

Plateau jeuThe main idea is:

  • To move the pawns on a real plateau and not on a screen with a mouse
  • To play against a networked opponent

Technical description:

  • The board has 12 light boxes on which you place and move specific pieces and figurines
  • The board incorporates an electronic board with 12 RFID antennas (1 per box) which allows to recognize the position of the pieces and their type (the pawns having integrated RFID tags)
  • The tray connected in USB to a PC


Architecture plateau jeu

Work completed:

  • Pre-study of mechanical architecture:
    • Then a phase of CAD design and 3D / 2D files
    • Pre-Study Mechanical Architecture
    • Study light diffusion in a game box
    • Maquettages Diffusion lighting game box
  • Study ID Tray design:
    • Proposition of aesthetic choices
    • Finalization of the selected aesthetic
    • Realization of 3D skin
  • Realization of an aesthetic model
  • Folder for industrialization and production series of the tray in very large volume
  • Realization of a mechanical validation prototype


Plateau de jeu interactif3
Plateau de jeu interactif1

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