Nomad lighting

Waterproof and wireless luminaire for creating ambient lights. Available in blue, red, amber and white. Features: Homogeneity of light scattering Battery Management Acoustic analysis to trigger the switch Standby Indoor / Outdoor use Technical characteristics: Microchip PIC16F (8-Bit) low power consumption Omnidirectional Microphone LED Color 1W very high angle view Battery 12V 7A Technical expertise: […]

Real-time video capture card

32-bit PCI card 64 MB real-time video acquisition, PHILIPS trimedia 1300 processor base. Features: Acquisition of standard video and compression Specific Video Acquisition MPEG2 Encoder PVR Battery operation GBE, JTAG, I2C, RS232

DVB-T Diversity

Functionality: DVB-T diversity front-end (2 antennas) for Portable Media Player (PMP) Technical characteristics: Diversity DVB-H / T front end receiver composed of two Freescale MC44CD02 silicon Tuner and two DiBcom DIB7000-M DVB-H / T Base Band receiver 3.3V SDIO-4 interface Shielding Tuner: MC44CD02 single chip Wideband Zero-IF conversion receiver Front-end IC Covers the UHF bands […]

Portable Multimedia Player

Features: Movie Player and TV capture Camera capture Music Player et recorder Photo Viewer Mass storage device USB, SD DVB-H viewer Technical characteristics: Processeur FREESCALE Freescale iMX31 530 MHz ARM11 128 MB DDR 400 SDRAM, 64 MB Flash 3.5″ 320×240 16-bit color LCD 60 GB 2.5″ HDD 1.8″ Interface Analog video in/out interface Stereo headphone […]

Personal Video Recorder hardened

The portable recording and playback of audio / video / images. Features: Image and data processing Handle application Camera Capture Acquisition DV Encodeur MPEG2 PVR Technical characteristics: Technologie Nexperia PNX1500HD 720p, 1080i Interface Analogue video in/out interface Stereo headphone output Analog audio in/out put interface USB 2.0 OTG high speed / USB 2.0 device high […]

Digital Signage System

Box “MBS” (Media Broadcast System) for the centralized real-time management of a whole set of screens. Specially designed for dynamic display, this Box makes it possible to create a network of display system and to diffuse contents (image, video, presentation, website …) in all simplicity on any type of existing display system. Analysis and development: […]

Luxury laptop

Exceptional computer in high-end materials. PC motherboard design: Intel Core i7 Processor (Intel) – 8GRam SSD 160 GB LCD 13 “” Full HD Audio, USB 3.0, HDMI, Ethernet BT, WiFi Keyboard, Battery, … Cooling by Caloduc BIOS BMS SMBUS Power Controller and Battery Interface

Education slate : slate / server

The system: The system: This is a complete solution dedicated to the world of education and especially to the learning of writing. The system consists of digital slates, a recharging station that integrates a server, the teacher’s PC and a set of applications specifically designed for teachers. The slate and the stations communicate by WIFI. […]