cpe  wimax elecPublic telecommunications equipment intended to provide wireless access to the Internet.
This multi-modem platform, communicates via WiMAX and Wi-Fi radio links.


  • Internet access via the WiMAX network
  • Local service in Wi-Fi and Ethernet


  • Configuring and customizing the environment with RfID
  • User interface developed for the equipment for direct access to services (mails, weather, news, various RSS feeds, …)
  • Automatic loading of photos, music, … on dedicated server
  • Consideration of additional accessories on the USB port: storage (USB sticks, hard drives), multimedia (USB sound card)

Technical characteristics:

  • WiMAX 802.16
  • Freescale Power Quicc II pro MPC8313
  • DDR, NAND / NOR Flash memory
  • 802.11n and 802.11g WiFi Access Point
  • Ethernet port 10/100 BT
  • USB Host 2.0
  • SD / MMC memory card interface
  • RFID interface, ISO / IEC 14443 A / B, MIFARE I.CODE ISO 15693
  • 128 × 128 pixel LCD screen
  • CapSense Sensory Keys
  • Operating system: Linux 2.6.27

Download the complete documentation
Article de presse dans ‘Electronique International’

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