Smart energie

The Smart energie product is part of a comprehensive system for remote and real time collection of information on consumption (water, gas, electricity) and temperature. This information is transmitted to a central server via an 868 MHz W-MBUS interface.


  • Universality: a single product for all the counters of the national market.
  • Compatible with ATEX, CE
  • Waterproof product

Technical specifications:

  • Battery life 5 years
  • Radio range: 300 m
  • W-MBUS protocol -868MHz
  • Encryption AES-128
  • SPIRIT-based radio interface
  • Microcontroller: STM32
  • Compatible with French energy meters
  • Optical sensor
  • Sensor of T ° C: STTS751
  • Waterproof product IP65
  • Compatible with ATEX, CE

More information:

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