Secure Data Concentrator – wireless connectivity for the medical environment

Wireless connectivity solutions for biomedical devices: Connectivity of biomedical devices is becoming a growing priority for healthcare centers and hospitals around the world because of its many benefits at all levels and for all healthcare staff, IT staff , Biomedical technicians, managers.

Realization of several POCs:

  • Wireless communication module
    • ZigBee 2.4 GHz star power system, low power consumption
    • MASTER card receiving several different radio channels (information transmitted by different cards TRANSCEIVERS: 6 TRANSCEIVERS for 1 MASTER)
    • Processor Atmel ATmega
    • UART
    • Development under LINUX
  • USB or ETHERNET Hub Module / Serial or RF Port
    • Multiplexing serial port to TCP / IP
    • Luminary CORTEX M3 Processor
    • Development under LINUX
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