Housing remote monitoring automation

Photo Zodianet 027 - litePortable terminal (PAD) with its communicating base (BASE).
This system allows the entire family to communicate via email, RSS and voice messages with unmatched simplicity, without PC.
The PAD communicates directly with a base connected to the Internet by the X10 protocol.

PAD Benefits:

  • Simple and shared as a domestic and instant phone as a TV remote control
  • Portable terminal
  • Great autonomy
  • Intuitive
  • Always available, without turning on your PC
  • Voice Interface

pad domotique

PAD Technical Details:

  • 128 × 64 LCD screen
  • Transceiver 868 MHz
  • Battery
  • Light sensor
  • Microphone
  • Loud speaker

BASE technical details:

  • Microcontroller ATMEL ATMEGA 2561
  • 10BT Ethernet interface
  • Radio interface ISM 868 MHz and 433 MHz

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