Geolocalizer – GPS receiver for camera

Jobo ag - PhotoGPSGeolocalizer – A GPS receiver for a camera that fits any type of camera with a ‘Hot-shoe’ connector.


  • Records a GPS position each time you take a picture, within 0.2 seconds
  • Allows you to locate the photo directly (precise address and map position)
  • Expert system for indoor use

Technical details:

  • Stores 1000 to 8000 positions GPS
  • Recording of GPS positions in less than 0.2s without waiting (‘cold start’ of 0.2s)
  • Accurate calculation of GPS positions (latitude, longitude, mapping) on a PC (USB port)
  • Placed on the external flash connector ‘hot-shoe’ of a digital camera
  • Compact housing, dimensions: 70 x 42 x 33 mm
  • Internal rechargeable battery via USB port
  • Power consumption less than 1mW
  • Autonomy of several weeks without recharging
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 ° C / + 70 ° C

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