Electronic Label ePaper

EPaper – Display based on a bistable screen for very low power consumption. This type of display, based on LCD technology BiNem (Bistable Nematic), finds applications in many areas: electronic ethics, point-of-sale terminals, e-newspapers, e-magazines, electronic toys …

Microserveur WIFI

USB key for dynamic display embedding a micro wifi server. Once connected to a device, this key provides a wireless connection to allow multiple devices to access its contents simultaneously. The key is specially dedicated to dynamic display and makes your broadcast media equipped with a USB port controllable via WiFi. Features: USB flash drive […]

Dispositif de détection alarme d’incendie - preview

Fire alarm detection device

Interface card 16 relay outputs with long distance and control and management card of an interface HMI of buttons / leds on a control panel for detection of fire alarm. Advantages: Control and remote control of remote relays Technical details: Intelligent control and control using a CPLD component

Geolocalizer – GPS receiver for camera

Geolocalizer – A GPS receiver for a camera that fits any type of camera with a ‘Hot-shoe’ connector. Advantages: Records a GPS position each time you take a picture, within 0.2 seconds Allows you to locate the photo directly (precise address and map position) Expert system for indoor use Technical details: Stores 1000 to 8000 […]

PAD metrologie - preview

Remote weather station

Technical characteristics: Processor TI CC1110 Specific LCD Display IST3042 320 Segments 1/2 duty ISM 868 MHz, TIC counter connection, USB WMBUS

Grains – counting vehicles for parking

What is it? It is a system of wireless and autonomous sensors (grains) which allows to locate in real time the parking places free to guide the motorists towards it. Concretely, sensors of reinforced plastic are placed on the ground at the parking places and will detect the presence of a vehicle or not thanks […]


LAN-IP / RTC router for SOHO / TPE. Processor INTEL IXP423 xSCALE ARM @ 266MHz SDRAM, FLASH, FXO / FXS Ethernet, USB Linux + TCP / IP ISDN Version: S0 / T0 – E1