Luminaire connecté intelligent - preview

Intelligent connected luminaire

Connected luminaire that combines sound and light for sleep and wake comfort. Analysis with the objective of (re) design at objective cost: Value analysis by functions, technology research, sourcing, industrial optimization Main functions: Improved sleep / wake up by light and sound control Control of tricolor power LEDs (80lm @ 1A) Control of white power […]

Industrial optimization of a navigation device

The size of a mobile phone, this portable device allows to obtain on your screen and on a screen your itinerary and the estimated time of the journey: a plan of voice metro The analysis focuses on the industrial optimization of the product with a view to its industrialization and production in volume: Electronics, BOM […]

Interactive game board

The main idea is: To move the pawns on a real plateau and not on a screen with a mouse To play against a networked opponent Technical description: The board has 12 light boxes on which you place and move specific pieces and figurines The board incorporates an electronic board with 12 RFID antennas (1 […]

Expertise LINUX pour terminal de paiement - preview

MPOS payment terminal

Implementation of a MARVELL PXA300-based card for MPOS application. Technical expertise: Portable LINUX kernel Development of specific drivers Tests and integration

Analyse redesign to cost NAS Serveur - preview

Redesign to cost NAS Serveur

NAS Server for media storage with 2 hard drives in ‘RAID’ mode accessible via different interfaces: Ethernet and USB. The analysis focuses on optimization: Of electronics (diagrams, layout, BOM, …) Of the product’s behavior with respect to compliance with EMC requirements Of the total cost of the product (including mechanical, assembly and testing) Recommendations for […]

Dispositif de cryo-therapie - preview

Medical device for cryogenics

Main functions: 8.4” screen, Touch panel Freescale iMX21 Processor Backlight Ethernet 10/100 USB Host, UARTs Infrared Temperature Sensor Programming of treatment sessions Embedded LINUX Technical and industrial expertise: Analysis and optimization for industrialization and mass production Focus on HMI and product electronics More information

Digital control for scientific power supply

Study of the numerical control for the control of a scientific feed of very high precision and the monitoring of information. Highlights of the diet: Ultra high precision power supply Very high temporal stability Very low noise level Emission of negligible disturbances These technical performances make it possible to use these power supplies in scientific […]

Electronic tagging

Study and sourcing to optimize the cost price of an electronic label manufactured in very large volumes (several tens of millions of pieces per year). Analysis and optimization of electronics by sourcing or by changing components Analysis and optimization of the plastic housing Optimization of the sourcing of batteries and accessories Proposals for redesign including […]