DVB-T en diversité

Archos - DVB

Fonctionnalité :

  • Front-end DVB-T en diversité (2 antennes) pour Portable Media Player (PMP)

Caractéristiques techniques :

  • Diversity DVB-H/T front end receiver composed of two Freescale MC44CD02 silicon Tuner and two DiBcom
  • DIB7000-M DVB-H/T Base Band receiver
  • 3.3V SDIO-4 interface
  • Shielding
  • Tuner
    • MC44CD02 single chip Wideband Zero-IF conversion receiver Front-end IC
    • Covers the UHF bands IV et V (470-862 MHz)
    • Able to handle 6,7,8 MHz bandwidth
    • Provide I and Q signals to the DIB7000-H associated demodulator
  • Base Band receiver
    • COFDM demodulator
    • Support 2k/4k/8k
    • Compliant with EN 300/744 and EN 301/192
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